Buttocks augmentation

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Buttocks augmentation

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This process aims to give the buttocks a beautiful and attractive shape and volume.

There are many ways to enlarge your buttocks and make them more attractive.


There are two ways to enlarge the buttocks at XA Clinic:

  • Buttocks augmentation with silicone

During the operation, special implants made of durable cohesive silicone are used, which are placed in the buttocks through a surgical incision and create a completely natural look. Silicone also does not affect body tissue like silicone breasts, and has a toughness that protects it from the risks of rupture and leakage.

  • Buttock augmentation with autologous fat injection

Buttock augmentation is performed using autologous fat, which is taken from the abdomen, back or under the knees, where abdominal fat is best for re-insertion into the buttocks and other areas that need to be enlarged, and this is completely natural. when the blood, saturated with oxygen and food, reaches it. Naturally, it becomes part of the body tissues without any side effects or risks.

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How long does the buttock surgery last?

The results of this operation usually last for a long time, since about 60% of the fat that is transferred to the buttocks and buttocks area is natural and remains constant, and the remaining 40% will be absorbed by the body.

It is also important to pay attention to the process of increasing fat in its natural form, since the transferred fat cells behave naturally, like other fat cells located throughout the body; This means that the size of the buttocks will continue to increase or decrease depending on the diet and the degree of your attention to the buttocks.

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