Sleeve gastrectomy

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Sleeve gastrectomy

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Gastric sleeve is a surgery that has long been practiced to lose weight by removing the outside of the stomach. As a result, the shape of the stomach is changed from a large pouch into a long and thin tube, similar to the sleeve of a shirt;

Therefore, the operation is called sleeve gastrectomy.

Stages of gastric sleeve surgery?

First: complete sterilization of the patient, doctor and medical staff.

Second: Anesthesia is often complete anesthesia, and the doctor may use partial anesthesia, sometimes with hypnotics and muscle relaxants.

Third: the doctor makes five small incisions, the size of one hole varies from 1 cm to 2 cm or less. Through these holes, the doctor inserts an endoscope and cuts the outside of the stomach, which is approximately (70-80%) of the total size of the stomach, so that the stomach looks like a thin tube.

Fourth: the laser beam is directed to a distant part, which must be removed and removed from the body through one of the small holes.

Fifth, an instrument is inserted through one of the holes and applies pins or moxibustion stitches to close the rest of the stomach.

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Important questions about gastric sleeve

The operation takes from 2 hours to 4 hours depending on the situation and condition of the person.

  1. The length of hospital stay is 3 days.
  2. Duration of stay in Istanbul 8 days
  3. Rest for at least 15 days.

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