Stomach botox

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Stomach botox

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Stomach Botox is a process that causes temporary incomplete paralysis of the stomach wall by injecting Botox, which reduces stomach contractions and the force with which food is pushed into the intestines. Thus, the digestion process becomes slower than usual, so that food remains in the stomach for as long as possible, which means a decrease in the amount of food that a person will eat, on the one hand, and an increase in the feeling of satiety, on the other, thus a person begins to lose weight with time.

How is gastric botox surgery performed?

Gastric Botox surgery is performed orally laparoscopically without general anesthesia. This procedure does not contain surgical placement like other obesity treatments, which makes the procedure safer.

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Frequently asked questions about gastric botox surgery

  • If the patient is obese and weight loss methods using diet and exercise did not help him.

        If the patient has one of the complications of being overweight, such as type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure.

According to studies carried out by previous patients, the patient will lose approximately 10 kilograms of weight over a period of 6 months, during which the effect is most evident.

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