Surgical face lift

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Surgical face lift

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is a cosmetic surgery through which sagging and wrinkles in the forehead, face and neck are removed, and excess fatty tissue on the cheek and neck is removed. fillers and botox)

How is a face-lift surgically performed?

A face-lift is performed surgically through the removal of fat, where the fatty tissue taken from the body is injected into the areas that the patient needs.
The forehead lift and eyebrow lift should also be performed in accordance with the patient’s needs, and this procedure is preferred by patients as the surgical intervention begins through one of the three points:
1 the upper side (the scalp)
2 the middle side (at the lower eyebrow)
3 the lower side (the front of the ear)

How should the patient prepare before surgery?

The use of aspirin must be stopped three weeks before the operation, and it is also very important to stop drinking cigarettes and alcohol. He also likes to avoid blood-thinning drugs before the operation.

How long does facial plastic surgery take?

Full face-lift operations take from three to four hours, but if the patient needs to tighten the eyelids as well, this will require five to six hours.

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Is facelift surgery permanent?

Aging affects the cells of the face and skin and it is expected that relaxation and sagging will occur in the areas that suffer from pressure. However, the skin does not return to its pre-operative state due to the modern medical techniques used.

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