Dental implants

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Dental implants

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Are a replacement for the natural tooth root with artificial roots made of titanium, which is characterized by strength, hardness, light weight and resistance to abrasion and damage. Then new teeth are built on these roots. In order to obtain a full-fledged age.

Is teeth implant a painful process?

The fact that cannot be beautified or hidden is that dental pain is one of the most severe types of pain that cannot be tolerated due to the severe sensitivity of the tooth nerve to external stimuli that result in severe pain attacks. But the good thing about dental implants is that the pain is almost non-existent compared to the least pain that can arise from nerve inflammation in the normal position.

Like dental implants, the patient is locally anesthetized in the area where the implantation takes place so that he does not feel pain, while general anesthesia can be performed or the patient can be given a sedative if he suffers from severe fear “dentists phobia”.

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Frequently asked questions about a Dental implants:

A very common and expected question that the future implantologist is eager for a positive result that will reflect on his health and the beauty of his laugh while consuming what he craves from food without fear of potential pain, which is the result: The viability of the cultivation in XA Clinic lasts a lifetime with good care of the outer layer; As the patient may need to regenerate it approximately 10 years after the transplant.

 Consult, examine and conduct the necessary research.

 Surgical incision to open the gums and expose the bones.

Deep holes in the bone where the dental implant will be placed.

Install the stent.

Install the crown, etc.

لايضر، ولكن أفضل وقت لإجراء علاج الأسنان أثناء الحمل هو في الثلث الثاني من الأسبوع، من 14 إلى 20 يوماً، مع الوضع في الإعتبار إلى الحاجة للعلاج الفوري في حال وجود التهابات أو تورم في الأسنان.

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