Teeth whitening

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Teeth whitening

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is one of the necessary aesthetic aspects in order to have whiter teeth, which results in a bright laugh that has a clear reflection on the first impressions in social relations, and it can even provide greater opportunities in life for its owners. Teeth whitening is not an expensive and unobtrusive process at the same time it gives immediate results on the aesthetic and psychological level and increases the individual’s confidence in himself

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Teeth whitening at the doctor is one of the most common procedures, and the process is done according to the shape and condition of your teeth, and it is through the use of specialized tools filled with a suitable bleaching solution, and the doctor may use a whitening gel stronger than the one at home and the procedure is completely under his supervision

A procedure whereby a rubber band is placed inside the patient’s mouth to protect the gums, and then a whitening gel containing appropriate levels of natural acids is applied.

The laser gel or gel is placed on the teeth, where the minerals inside it will accelerate its activation,

causing the whitening gel to turn into oxygen.
The enamel of the teeth is covered and the whitening gel is allowed to penetrate into the different levels of the tooth, resulting in whitening

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